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There's this elephant, and she's walking along in the jungle and she steps on a thorn. She is in a lot of pain, and then she sees this mouse, and she says, "oh mouse, will you please help me I'm in a lot of pain, it really hurts, can you get this thorn out of my foot?", and the mouse says, "I dont think so, you stepped on my uncle last week, I remember you, I'm not helping you." So the elephant says "oh come on please, i'll give you anything, just help me this once", so the mouse says "ok, i'll help you but in return I want to have my way with you." The elephant agrees and the mouse takes the thorn out of his foot. The elephant feels so much better and before she can thank the mouse, it climbs up on her back and starts having his way with her, the elephant grateful of the mouses help decides sense he has already started she might as well let the mouse finish. Up in the trees in the jungle there were these monkeys watching the whole thing, and they see this mouse having his way with this elephant and they for what ever reason don't like it so they start thowing coconuts at the elephants head. The elephant gets hit in the head with the coconuts and starts yelling, ouch, ow, that hurts, ouch, and the mouse doesnt even stop or look up and says thats right, take it all b****, take it all . . .

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