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Nov. 29, 2004 12:00 AM

I can't sleep. I remember why I seldom take naps (b/c I can't get to sleep when I need to). I'm tossing and turning and finally my wife rolls over and says "if you don't knock it off, you're getting your birthday present".

"No!" I replied, "It can wait til morning."

Not that I didn't want it, but I had a serious case of the figits and she went and got it and gave it to me. Being the woman that she is, is was in a nice small box with a neatly tied bow. I turn the light, sit up and begin to open it.

Inside this box was wad of tissue paper. The box felt strangely light, and after pulling out the tissue paper, I was beginning to get the impression that I was about to be the but of some larger joke. Little did I know how right I was about to be proven.

In the box I had opened was a business card. I recognized the company and the address. I even recognized the name, although I've never met her before. My eyebrows curled as I looked to my wife and said "what the hell is this?" She breaks out the most evil but beautiful grin. She said "[name deleted to protect the innocent] has a custom AR with your name on it".

OMFG!!! :o:blink::wacko:

Ladies and gentleman, I was beside myself which isn't easy to do considering my size!!! The business card was from Clark Custom Guns and the ladies name was Renee Tyson. The gun: a Clark Gator. I am speachless and smiling so wide I'm about to cramp. "What the hell?!?!?! How did you do this?!?!?!"

Apparently, my good buddy Rhino and my wife had been talking since about late September about this little gift. Collective, and apparently with several calls to Jim Clark, Jr. and Renee Tyson this idea of theirs became my reality yesterday. Here's the worst part:

I had no clue. Consider me the blind, deaf-mute standing in the middle of the tracks with the Norfolk-Southern bearning down on me at 80 mph. I was floored!!! All the while those two, in my absence, had be secretly probing me for info. Thank goodness they use these powers of subversion for good and not evil!!!

I did get to pick up said rifle last night from my ffl. Oh my!!! Flat top, detachable A2 irons, and the sweetest damn trigger I think I've ever broke. I am a lucky man, indeed!!!

So, I go have breakfast with my buddy Rhino and do some catching up and then after a few hours say goodbye. My parents and brother call to wish me a happy birthday. They ask me what I'm doing tonight and I tell them I have a dinner date with my wife and another couple for drinks and sushi :wub: . We chat a bit and they wish me a good time and a safe trip (I saw them all 2 days ago).

About 6:30 we pick up our friends and head to the bar. Actually, it is a smoke-free pool hall that serves Belgian ales :wub: on tap. It's been a while since I've had a Gulden Draak, so I'm really looking forward to the libations.

We walk into the bar (big place) and my wife says she needs to go to the ladies room. We're making our way through and I look across the dimly lit hall and see my brother-in law.

Strange. But, cool!!! Afterall, he was on a first name basis with the owner and got us comped for more than one beer at this place before and he introduced me to the heavenly world of craft beer. And, he's also a sushi :wub: lover so I'm thinking, cool!!!

Then I see about a dozen of my other friends and my in-laws!!! Then a "suprise" rang out.

My wife, the little devil, did it AGAIN. For the second time in less than 24 hrs I have a smile plastered on my face so damn big it nearly hurt. I was caught completely off guard, again!!! I had even called Rhino not 20 minutes before and his mother told me that he was on his way to my place. I called him on his cell and he said he was just "driving around". Apparently "driving around" is code speak for "going to a suprise get together at the direction of my wife".

Well, a great time was had by all, including your's truely. It was a day I will not forget.

Thanks, baby!!! Thanks also to all my friends and family. And, thanks again to my buddy Rhino for being the technical advisor on the rifle project.

The smile is still plastered on my face!

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Thanks for the kind words, Tony! I really appreciate that.

BigDave was the happiest I've ever seen him. I don't remember actually seeing my stoic buddy actually smile before, but whenever he thought about his wife doing this for him, he could not stop smiling! Unfortunately I failed to get a photo so I can't prove that he really did it.

I also derived benefit from this scenario. I got to meet some of Dave's high school and college buddies. Naturally I grilled them for embarrassing stories about our boy, and now I have a full complement of BigDave's True Tales of Woe. I shall, of course, embellish them properly before sharing any of it in the future. :lol:

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