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650 primer system?

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If both came with your press it's pretty easy to pull the actual primer tube and compare the two --- the one with the smaller diameter and blue tip is the small one, the larger diameter one should have a red tip.....

There might be a part number scored/pressed/etched into the primer disk. The Dillon manual is downloadable and should have schematics.....

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How can you tell VISUALLY when you have run out of primers.

I know the "feel" is different.. when you trie to press in a primer that was not there

but is there a way to SEE that the are no primers in the primer disk?

Am I right in believing that the "Low Primer Warning system"

tells you only when primers are "LOW" not OUT??

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On the XL650, the magazine tubes have brass, not plastic tips. The primer discs are marked "L" or "S" for large or small. The letter can be either on the top or on the bottom of the disc. The primer seating punch bushings are color coded with plating. The large assembly has a silver color plated bushing, whereas the small bushing has a brassy looking cadnium plating. If you measure the inside diameter of the magazine, the small is approximately .175", while the large is about .210". :ph34r:

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