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broken magazine on my model 70, HELP!!!!

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The gun in question is a 30.06 winchester model70 pre 64 bolt action with a detachable box magazine. the gun is about 8 years old, the roll down springs on each side of the magazine have broke. I have taken it to the local gunshop to purchase a new clip or get new springs but they say the gun was only made for a couple years and its hard to find either, I had the local gunsmith tell me the same thing, The gunsmith tried putting a flat spring and even tried a coil over spring system in the clip, neither of them worked correctly it doesnt feed proper, every second round will not load.. being its a pre64 action each round has to be fed through the clip rendering my rifle useless....

does anyone have a clip or know where i can purchase one for this rifle, if you need anymore info or numbers on the gun ill try and get them for you....


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