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grip rules for limited


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I've seen the rules and discussion covering grips for USPSA production, however I haven't been able to clearly understand the rules on grips for USPSA limited.

So, here are my questions. What grips are allowed for guns in USPSA limited division? Can you make a custom grip that's legal? Are there any limitations on such a grip? Does the grip need to be similar to the standard grip or grips offered by the manufacturer for that gun?


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I believe that the grips for limited can be any configuration. The gun just cannot have a mag longer than 140 mm (170 in a single stack), cannot have comps or ports, and cannot have an optical (dot) sight. Other than that, I believe it can be similar to an open gun. Internal and external modifications are also ok.

Some people like to coat their guns in skateboard tape.. In fact, I did that to mine recently.


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I have to agree with Vince. I think the main thing you have to consider is the type of gun you want to modify. If you have a STI or SVI with a plastic grip, you are pretty much limited on what you can do with it (undercut, skateboard tape or grooves cut into it).

If you have a gun with grip panels, then you can be very creative. You can go thin or thick or you could screw two 2x4s on you gun and be the talk of the match.... :D


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