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223/308 Case mouth gage, large and small primer pocket gage

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We now have in stock the 223/308 case mouth/neck tension gauge, as well as both large and small primer versions of the swage gage primer pocket gage.

I developed the case mouth gage because it's difficult to measure the case mouth diameter accurately with calipers when I'm running 5.56 or 300 blackout brass, and as many of us know, it's sometimes hard to control case mouth diameter when using things like a Dillon Rapid Trim. Unlike a normal case gauge that measures the outside of the case, my case mouth gauge measures what matters, the inside of the case mouth. Inserting it firmly will knock off any burr that might distort readings with calipers.

The primer pocket gages were developed to help me set up primer pocket swaging correctly on my 1050, but are a good general tool for checking the diameter and depth of your primer pockets. The primer pocket gage is a "go/no-go" type gauge, if the no-go goes in, the pocket is too expanded to hold a primer reliably. If the "go" will not go in or meets resistance, then the pocket is likely not swaged or reamed well enough.


These tools should be of particular interest to readers of this board, because it was the processing and forming of Blackout that primarily lead me to develop them. I use them every day and it would be hard to imagine not having them. I hope they are useful for you too.

I almost forgot to mention, all are made in the USA and are ground from O-1 tool steel.

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These are awesome, they shipped very fast at a low cost.

I would recommend these tools to all reloaders.

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