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2004 European Championship video

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Julien , i baught and paid for the dvd on the last day of the shoot and was wondering what the delay was.

Here is a copy of the e mail i recieved.

The guys were very helpfull and friendly .

i apology for the delay with the distribution caused by some production


we will ship you your set within two days.

best regards,

tomas bem

tomas bem photography

ukrajinska 10

10100 praha 10

tel./fax: 00420 271 745 942

Should have them soon :rolleyes:

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I also ordered the DVD on the last day.

I Emailed them a couple of times.

The first time they told me there were some delay due to production problems.

The second time, they told they had problem with the copyrights of some music so they had to get the music specially composed.


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