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2005 Area 7 Chapmionship

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I have just received confirmation from the Rochester Brooks Practical Shooters that the 2005 Area 7 Championship will be held from June 9-12, 2005 at their club just outside Rochester, New York. I am confident that this club will do every bit as good a job as the 2004 host did with the Area 7. As long as Team Shroom places as much effort into the match as they do decorating their staff car for the nationals, the match will be in create shape. Final registration details will be posted when they become available.

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Holding the match in NY precludes any Jrs. from participating, corrrect?

Actually, NY law on this is rather strange.

Junors under 21 may not handle a handgun UNLESS:

(1) They were issued a NY pistol permit issued before the minimum age was raised to 21. Chances are, most of the people this may have applied to have passed 21 by now.

(2) They are non-residents of NY who are handling the gun under the exemption provided by NY penal code 265.20(13).

Non-resident juniors are welcome; resident ones are not. Sort of like Massachusetts where a non-resident alien can mail order a handgun/high capacity rifle license, but a non-citizen legal resident alien (like the MA resident who shot IPSC in Israel for many years before moving t the US) cannot.

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Scheduling area matches is always tough, and I did consult with the ARea 4 director before giving my approval to the date.

Although getting registrations in early is the best approach for someone wanting to shoot both Area 4 and Area 7, confirmed registration on both of these matches will be about the only way to get a assignment during a "full" shoot time.

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Rob, is it possible to shoot both matches?  Area 4 and 7?  Seems like it would be a bit of a stretch and the match officials would have to be allowing shooters to shoot through at both matches.  Is there a plan for this?

I don't know the squadding schedule for A4, but Area 7 will be shot in one half of a day. We will have squads on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If Area 4 will either let you shoot the entire match on Sunday or finish on Friday, you can spend Saturday travelling between the two matches. If someone needs other accomodations (such as a shoot through to make a fight), we will do what we can - talk to myself or the match director (once we have the details up) and we'll work with you. In general, however, I cannot recommend shooting a match under the pressure of "have to be done by xx:xx to make a flight" - much easier to use a middle day for travel.

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That's not a typo?  Shoot an area match in half a day?  Travel for 4 hours of shooting?  I think my decision was just made, thanks.

Area 7 has always been shot in half of a day. We don't cut down on the number or size of the stages, just on the waiting time.

If you want to get an exact view of the stage and round count for any of the Area Championships for recent years, visit the USPSA web site and look up results for each stage to get round counts.

As to "Travel for for hours of shooting" ....

When you shoot an Area Championship, you are typically travelling for less than 5 minutes of trigger time - all of the rest of the time is overhead spent waiting around, being scored, getting ready, etc. A squad size of 7-8 shooters leaves plenty of time for each individual to get ready; not enough to get bored waiting around; and keeps you moving quickly enough to fiinish before you get tired or the heat/rain/whatever gets to you.

Rather than jump to conclusions about the half day format, I suggest you check with some people who were there.

There is a full thread of discussion about the 2004 "half day format" Area 7 Championship at http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?...opic=14223&st=0 , but I'll save you the trouble of following the link by copying Phil Strader's (gmshooter) post on the match:

I've shot 27 Area matches since I started shooting in 1997, and I can honestly say that this was the best I have ever shot. Six of the eight stages were incredible. It's amazing what can happen when a bunch of dedicated shooters and RO's put this kind of work into a match.

The desk stage was one of the harder stages I remember shooting! I can honestly say that I've never seen that much work and complication put into an eight round speed shoot! My hats off to the stage designers, RO's and the Harvard Action Shooters club.

I didn't think they could outdo themselves last year, but they sure did. If you weren't there, you missed a good one.

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