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Have not shot this one yet, but I would star at the bottom target and then go clockwise. Just my comfort level. some people may like going the other way. I think starting at the bottom will be the most common as the next targets aren't obstructed from view by the gun/hands.

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Totally blew this one in revolver today. Unfortunately, I didn't comprehend the fact that a 6 shooter was going to have to reload 3 times. I shot 6, reload 6, reload 4. All As with only 1 C. 14.92 was my time but the procedurals killed me.

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Shot this 8-20-17


Production M


Started at the bottom and went clockwise 


72 pts

7.59 sec

HF 9.4862



All 4 C's were really close.  Close is the difference between an M run and a GM run. 

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Shot this today: 10-13-18


1st Gun:

Division - PCC

Rifle - JP GMR -15

Time 10.27

Points - 80

Hit Factor - 7.7897


2nd Gun:

Division - Open

Gun - CK Arms 38 Super Comp

Time - 10.14

Points - 78

Hit Factor - 7.6923

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  • ima45dv8 changed the title to CM13-05 Tick Tock
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My new favourite classifier!

Time - 6.57s
Scoring - 13A 3C
Points - 74
Hit factor - 11.2633

This run works out to about 106%. Oddly, it wasn’t a perfect run as I hesitated on the load to make sure the mag seated and the reload was not perfect.

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Shot this today for a 92.1% in Open, which should bump me to M class. This is a really fun classifier and my second highest to date. 


77 pts, 6.76 seconds, 11.3905 HF. Probably could have had a GM run but fumbled the reload pretty badly. 

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