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shot cm13-04 today. 8.89HF. Its not in the calculator yet. How do I validate my self worth?!?

Rammer I am not sure what class you are shooting, but a way to see where you fair is to go back to last years nationals results found here. http://www.USPSA.org/uspsa-display-match-results-detail.php?indx=6441 That should let you know where you stand and will let you get a better idea what it will actually factor out as.

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is it legal on the second string to take T3 before T1? I'll be shooting this one in a couple weeks.


Not the way I read it.

As a leftie thats what I am worried about as this procedure disadvantages some lefties. This is now being discussed in another thread here: http://www.brianenos.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=184609#entry2043931

and I have sent this concern to my AD as well as dnroi.


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Ok so here is how to figure this:

For limited multiple your hit factor times 100 and divide by 10.9608

for production divide by 10.5131

Open: 12.3783


Is this accurate?

I shot this classifier today in limited with 10.11 HF. Wondering what % this equates to.

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