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Rudy wins East TX section


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Well I got back from the "shoot out Range" where the East Texas section hosted their section match and where I got the privledge of meeting Rudy Waldinger. :)

The match consisted of 6 stages:

Stage 1: Speed off the table

3 arrays of targets 1 on the left, 1 straight ahead, and 1 on the right.

the left arry was fairly open but had some No shoots, the middle array was shot through a port and also had no-shoots as did the right array.

Gun was on a table in front of you with all reloads coming off the table,

I chose to shoot 3 from the right array and leave the easiest then reload going to the middle array leaving the most open and then reloading and shooting the left array leaving the farthest right target, reload and shoot that target, and the two remaining from the other two arrays that just some how conveinently were also the easiest to see and most wide open targets through the ports having in theory only 1 standing still reload as when moving to the other arrays for their 3 targets there was some foot shuffling.

Stage 2: Lets get Physical

Gun on the table shooting area around table and going forward to a short wall.

target arrays of 3 on left and right going toward short wall and target arry of 3 behind wall.

In front of shooting area is a cattle gate (about 4 foot high) and barricades to the left and right, you had the choice of jumping(or climbing) the gate or running around the barricades (not much of an option though as it took twice as long to run around as climb or jump)

I jumped the gate (NOT gracefully at all) and got the gun shooting left then right then to the back with a reload between all them, completely missed the reload going to the back and had to get another moonclip (added at least 3 seconds)

Stage 3: Key to sucess

Target array of 4 to the left a box with a key in it infront of you on the ground(to open the window) a target array or 2 on the right behind barricadesa target array of 2 to the left going forward and a target array of 3 behind the barricade with the window.

I shot the 3 on the left while going forward to open the box, reloaded got the key shot the 4th then the 2 on the right , reloaded going forward shot the 2 on the left opened the window reloaded finished up. (here is where I got my penalties) I knicked a no-shoot with just enough to break the perf, and got into a no- shoot just enough not to break the perf (called the second but did not have any bullets left)

Stage 4 Mad Dash

Targets to the left, right and forward in the open and behind barricades with a shooting area through the middle.

Just broke them up into arrays of two or three which ever was convenient and tried not to hit any more no-shoots

Stage 5 Walk in the park

Similar to the prior stage but more targets, and some steel

Some arrays had 7 or 8 shots so there was no "revolver friendly way" to shoot this stage as there were 3 standing still reload in it no matter what.

Stage 6 Really Hard cover

3 targets: Hard cover on each, Virginia count. at the buzzer shoot 2 per target, reload 2 per target reload and 2 per target.

WE started on stage 6 then went to 1,2,3,4,5

I took a little more time on the first stage but managed to shoot some c shots anyway as I had a little finger problems on that first stage.

Here are the results:

Match results:

Rudy Waldinger M 100%

Sam Keen A 90.48%

Scott Hattrup C 64.65%

Robert Williams U 29.71% Robert twisted a knee halfway through the match and had to withdraw.

Stage 1: Speed off the Table

Rudy 100% 118 Pts - 24.02

Sam 99.55% 105 pts - 21.47

Robert 74.31% 107 pts- 29.31

Scott 61.19% 109 pts - 32.51

Stage 2: Lets get Physical

Rudy 100% 86 Pts - 18.05

Sam 82.61% 81 Pts - 20.58

Scott 78.31 % 85 Pts - 22.78

Robert 46.97% 76 Pts (-10) 29.47

Stage 3: Key to success

Rudy 100% 107 pts - 25.58

Robert 62.19% 94 (-10) 32.29

Sam 57.67% 94 (-30) 26.53

Scott 55.14% 94 (-10) 36.42

Stage 4: Mad Dash

Sam 100% 114 - 19.58

Rudy 89.80% 118 - 22.57

Scott 64.80% 109 - 28.98

Robert- DNF

Stage 5 Walk in the park

Rudy 100% 150 - 36.58

Sam 96.99% 145 - 36.46

Scott 59.22% 151 - 62.18

Robert DNF

Stage 6 Really hard cover

Rudy 100% 90 - 15.41

Sam 90.17% 85 - 16.14

Scott 66.79% 82 - 21.02

This was the first time I have met Rudy, I did not get to shoot with him though but we did talk a good bit after the match and he seems like a really good fellow.

He told me he had not shot much in a while so he was deliberate with his match and that won it for him, I tossed it on the 2nd and 3rd stage as I had a missed reload on the 2nd and the penalties on the 3rd. I am not saying I would have come out above him if I had not goofed, I am saying I would have been closer.

If I had to shoot it again would I change anything? No the way I read the stages and came out with a plan is the way I would do it again. the missed reload and penalties are just one of them things.

Scott if you read this, I enjoyed shooting with you... keep shooting the wheel gun you have the basics down just need to work on stage break downs (biggest thing to revovler shooting IMHO).

Rudy If you read this, It was my pleasure meeting you, I look forward to the next time we meet as I always like getting to see good folk.

The Match was run very well, and went glass smooth good work Wayne and any and all that helped.

Do you need to make this match? YES if at all possible


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"he seems like a really good fellow"

Could not agree more. Rudy often shot revolver (& usually won) here in Area 8 before moving to Texas; our loss is your gain & I am glad to hear that Rudy found the time to dust off the 625.

Funny thing about Rudy is how multi-talented the guy is. He showed up for one match with a limited .40 & he shot so fast I thought the slide would fly off his gun! He has a long history with shooting Glocks on both sides of the Atlantic including many GSSF wins. He has a revolver that falls into Open & he is faster with that than with the 625. And at the last charity machinegun shoot we had, Rudy just went nutz with the Uzi that showed up. IMHO, he is one of the nicest guys to shoot with in USPSA.

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Nice going Sam! I've never met Rudy, but I met one of his good Austrian friends a couple of times. It seems these Austrian lads are pretty multitalented. This guy was Austrian National Champ in Standard/Limited and Revolver.

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I was on the same squad with Rudy. He was very smooth and accurate (did not drop very many points during a stage). He wanted to compete against Jerry to see where he was in the game (what better place than Jerry's backyard).

I believe someone said Jerry was out of town.

Rudy said he will be at the IRC next year and I'm sure he will get an opportunity to shoot against Jerry.

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hopalong, I will pass on your kind words to Rudy (he's not a member of this forum... yet ;) ). We squadded together at the East TX match (Hi Tony! :D ), shoot local matches together frequently and will be training together in the near future. He is a true gentleman and an amazing shooter.

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Rudi recently moved to our section this year - and he's shown a lot of people what you can do with a revolver! Awesome shooter and always has words of wisdom

I was also lucky to meet Sam @ Area 3 and Nationals this year- great guy great shooter---- maybe I should start shooting revolver :D

It will be a nice show @ 2005 Area 4 Champs in Revolver!

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Sniper, Thanks Rudy was a pleasure to talk with and did not mind an ametuer like me picking his brain "class act"

Lee, Me thinks you exagerrate a little here but thanks anyway. the pleasure was mine and I look forward to the next time, maybe if things work out we can get to shoot togther.


I have not yet decided on Area - 4 yet next year but if both Jerry and Rudy get to shoot I might have to make that trip again (I have enjoyed the shooting at A-4 but this last year seemed like had too much wasted time in the mornings).

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Rudy and his wife are great people. It was our loss the day they moved away from the Bay Area.

Rudy mostly shot revolver with us. He was notorious for:

1. shooting so smoothly that he seemed slow even as he was burning down the stage.

2. consistently having times on par with master class open shooters.

3. almost NEVER dropping any points (a C hit was cause for comiseration).

4. being astonishingly good at just about any firearm he happened to pick up.

5. being as modest as he is good.

6. being determined match Jerry at his best.

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Next time you see Rudy tell him hello and Happy Holidays from the gang in Northern Virginia.

A little tidbit about Rudy....he's got game! We spent many times hanging out at local matches, breaking stages down, and in fun - made bets about who could do what - in a manner of speaking! Him shooting revolver and myself shooting limited.

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You could have left that tidbit of info OUT ! :lol:

The gate was not my best athletic experiance by far !!!! :angry:

IF that sucker showes up at the A-4 match it is official-there will be a gate burning for sure... ;)


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Welcome to the forums, esp the revolver part.

You are now part of Area - 4 in USPSA you can go to the USPSA website and get on the Area-4 home page and find clubs there.

The East Tx. section coordinator is Wayne Miller his home phone is: 903-569-0824

home fax is: 903-569-0218

Another is Arkansas section, these guys are great guys to shoot with and have some great facillities. the Section coordinator is David Hyden Home Ph. 479-248-1009

You now have moved to the best section to be a revolver shooter in as now it has Rudy Waldinger (Houston TX) and Jerry Miculek (Shreveport LA) and to top it all off they are top notch poeple who just happen to shoot quite good.

Hope that helps, good luck and see you at a Range somewhere sometime.

Hopalong / Sam Keen

Ramer, TN

Oh yeah, Jeeper lives in Austin, he might be able to help you too.

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Thanks for the cudos, hopalong. The staff continues to get smaller each year but it was still fun.

I finally washed all the mud off everything I brought out there and managed to get the complete stage results, along with the finals, on our web site. Anybody interested can go to www.texaseastsection.org to see them.

See ya'll later.


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