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Bad weather


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How do you guys that live in places with crappy weather do it?

This morning's steel match was in the 40's-low 50's with 30mph winds and a little rain, it sucked.

Turnout was maybe 12 shooters instead of 60.

Most of us were somewhat underdressed for the weather, it shouldn't have been that cold.

Couldn't feel my hands very well, it stung to load mags, steel wanted to blow over.

My shooting sucked, but at least I have an excuse this time.

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We dress appropriately. When we don't we have spare clothes --- read layers --- in the car. Outer layer is wind/water proof/resistant, ideally Gore-tex. Food and those chemical hot packs go a long way in the winter time......

We actually get 20-30 for our monthly USPSA matches in January and February --- when it's often 0 (that's right, zero) degrees Fahrenheit when the set-up crew hits the range. Usually by the time we start shooting, it's warmed up to a balmy ten to 15 degrees.......

Considering it's almost December now, would someone care to remind me why I thought it would be a good idea to take over as match director? Maybe that's why they asked me in June......

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The weather gets to me only when the course asks me to go down on a knee or prone in cold freezing mud or some such. Otherwise proper clothing combined with the right foods and drinks can keep you going. I got over cold weather during my dumber years when I though that winter mountain treks where fun.

I'll take a sub freezing January match over a 100F %100 Humidity match in August.


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