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Being Whipped!


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So how do you know that you are a kept man? That there is NO questions you are whipped?....

When you leave the range early, declining to put FREE ammo through a FULLY AUTO MP-5, to go home and have dinner with your wife, and then help her get the house ready for her friends that are coming over the next day.

GOD, sometimes I just REALLY HATE being the good guy. <_<:wacko:

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Trigger, you acted very wisely Bro! For a sport shooter, gun trouble is alot less trouble, than woman trouble. Put her first always.

Good lovin' is kinda like air, y'all. You only realize it's full importance when you aren't getting any. :P

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I have been super fortunate that Mrs. Jarrell supports my hobby. I think she realizes what a stress reliever it is for me.

TriggerT, take care of home and everything else will take care of itself.

(but maybe next time you could stay and run at least one magazine through the gun!!!!! :D:D:D )


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Being married is all about avoiding being in trouble. Ask your self each time you make a decision "Is this going to get me in trouble with the Boss?" or "How could this get me in trouble?" Then ask yourself the question two or three more times before you proceed. :D

Hell, I can't complain. My wife has been the sole money maker in our house for over a year now, and I shot more major matches this last year than any other year in the past. Maybe some day I will move out of this $h!t hole sate and live somewhere where they allow class three permits. Then I can get my own Rock-N-Roll MP-5. <_<

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