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Making new friends....


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I had the pleasure of hooking up with 3quartertime, his lovely lady, and Twix in the Indy area on Wednesday. I can honestly say that these guys are quality individuals, as are most shooters I meet anywhere, and they went out of their way to make a stranger feel welcome and show me a good time! (read killer Hangover too B)

I made the comment after attending Second Chance years ago that pretty much any shooter that I run into is welcome at my house anytime, and James and Tom are no exception! If you have the chance to meet a brother or sister from the BEnosverse DO IT! We is good people! Many thanks, Guys! Doug Carden

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Consider yourself lucky to have escaped alive and intact!!! Those two ruffians are loathsome individuals of questionable lineage and shaky character. ;) I suggest an immediate delousing, a complete blood transfusion and a full frontal labotomy to cleanse yourself of this experience!!! :huh::P

All kidding aside, I'm glad to hear you had a good time. Those guys are alright in my book, too. ;)


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It was great fun having a night with Doug and local favorate Twix!!!

We sampled some local wares and tried our best to get the big guy in some trouble,,,but alas he was a rock.

Another BEnos encounter and another friend...

Here are a couple of pics,,,

Seems that the china eyes where out...


Twix and Doug C


Doug C, my girl and 3QT


The final word...

Hey Rhino,,,

Sorry that you missed out,,, the meeting was kind of last minute in Plainfield. Doug did mention that he REALLY regretted not getting the priviledge of the Purple one...

You were missed my friend!!!

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