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Newbie from South Africa

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Hi all

New joiner here. Knew of the forum for some time, but never got round to actually reading it. Boy, have I missed out!

Coming from South Africa, violent crime is pretty rife, so carrying a firearm for SD is pretty obvious for every clear thinking individual. From that, I got introduced to IDPA, which I took up as a means to get to know my firearm.

I have since acquired a Glock 17 specifically for IDPA, but to back up as carry gun.

At the last tier 2 shoot (this weekend) I got bumped to SSP EX, and the realisation that I am now no longer in screw-around territory, made me decide to take this a bit more seriously.

And thus, I came across this forum!

I won't be posting much, I think most of the questions I might have, have been asked 10 times over before, so I'll be trawling the forums and subforums for quite some time.


Skaaphaas (Oh, please forgive the odd sounding username. I use it on all the forums and in Afrikaans it actually means something, albeit weird there, too!)

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Welcome to the forums!

You are right, it is rare that a question gets asked on here that has not already been asked and answered multiple times

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