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Area 2 Desert Classic 2004


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Due to the size restriction here, I'll post just this one pic of TDean on stage 9...


Thirty pictures are in a Yahoo album viewable by everybody...

Area 2 Photo Album

They are mostly from Squad 2, the Limited "super squad" (TGO, Voigt, TDean, and lesser mortals) with a couple shots from squad 3. I took all the pics except the two of me, which were taken by TDean.

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Later maybe. John Hill's sight pin broke. :) Oh yeah, I tripped and fell in front of the Limited super squad two seconds into my match before I had ever fired a shot. Worst injuries ever from shooting. Somebody has it on video and I expect the extortion fee will be enormous.

That really is a cool picture above. I don't know what made the background and Tom's legs blurred, with the upper body in focus, but it captures the essence of shooting on the move.

Check out Voigt crossing over his legs on stage 11 (one upper AB target close to the table, two opposing plates from a Texas star downrange) before moving to the next array.

At Big Trouble in Little China, I have a picture of TGO's back because he was the only guy to engage the right target before the left targets.

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Cool pics Erik. That one above was taken just before my reload fell out of the gun and then I missed a popper about 10 times :angry:

I managed to thoroughly embarrass myself in front of Rob, Taran and Mike, but at least I left the “man you sure have improved a ton” option open if I ever get to shoot with them again. :D

(I'm sure there was no pressure there)

Erik looked like he was in pain a few times with that leg. One stage required the shooter to move a barrel out of the way and squeek through a "port" in a wall.

The port was ~48" tall overall and started about 12" from the ground. One of Erik's shoes caught the lip on the way in and down he went. Ouch!

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Yeah that stage caused me gun trouble too. I honestly can't remember ever having a case fail to extract from the chamber. (Except for the one that separated in Oregon!) Too bad, because I managed to get my hits on the mover and the swinger.

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