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2005 Shooting Goals

B.J. Norris

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Guest Larry Cazes

(1) make B class Open (just started shooting open last month)

(2) Shoot at least 2 major matches out of our local area (FL Open, Area 2)

(3) Continue to make new friends within the sport

(4) Bring 2 friends that currently don't compete into the sport

(5) Enjoy with the same enthusiasm as this year! :D

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I want to break 1600 in NRA Action Pistol (metallic sight/production) too.

And while I'm at it, I might as well get Expert in IDPA CDP and ESP. Of course, that will be a cakewalk compared to making B Limited10 and Limited.

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my goals for 2005.

#1-get all the paper work behind me and choose the guns i can buy with the 2 permits i applied for.

#2-to just start shooting again.

#3-to enjoy everything that makes this sport so great.

#4-and after all is said and done have fun doing it.

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1) Shoot "B" class match scores. (open and limited)

2) Obtain my final classification...in production.

3) Move up to "B" in L-10 and revolver.

4) Shoot Area 5 (handgun and 3 gun), Buckeye, Nationals, Michigan State (hand gun and 3 gun), and World Shoot. Shoot all the IPSC clubs in our state (MI).

5) Win my class at one of the above.

6) Officiate at most of the above.

7) Have Fun!!! :D


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1. A in USPSA Revolver.

2. B in L-10.

(I'm not yet classified in any USPSA category, having just started shooting again after a 9-year sabbatical.)

3. 4-gun Master in IDPA. (I'm currently an EX in SSR, haven't shot a classifer with the other guns yet.)

4. Finish high overall in at least one match in each of the various disciplines I shoot (USPSA, IDPA, steel).

5. Win the main event at the "secret" invitational bowling pin shoot I participate in each fall.

6. Do all of the above without sequestering myself away from my family, who need my time and attention and energy much more than my reloading machine does!


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I just want to shoot more, and spend more time with my friends at the range.

Would love to actually shoot within the top 1/3rd of my class at the Nationals, but... that greatly depends on (A) spending more time actually shooting, and (B) actually being in the country when the Nationals occur)

Bruce (spent *way* too much time on airplanes this year... again.)

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This will LARGELY depend on if I get the job I applied to. But, here they are, I am unsure about the order:

Affiliate to IPSC.

Get classiffied. (I'm tired of reading "I'm a high C shooter", "I recently made GM, but at matches I shoot like an A" type commentaries and not know where I'm at).

Go up at least one classiffication higher from the one I initially got. I.E.: If I get a D class, make it at least a C.

Start competing in a more serious way.

Convince a friend of mine to start shooting IPSC. (I am almost there, almost there...)

Consistenly achieve a relaxed and observant state of mind when shooting. (The closest I got to this was a "relaxed but surprised" state. It was when shooting an array of 4 poppers, I recall transitioning on the without thinking about doing so, which is good, but at the same time I remember seeing peripherally the first one going down as I was shooting the last one and thinking "Cool!". I must eliminate that "WOAH" state to more effitienly observe what's going on with the target I'm shooting now. Yes, that was long for a parenthesis, but I felt it needed some explanation.)

Those are all my shooting goals for now, I must also attend some other non-shooting goals.

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Well one thing I am changing from last year, I am not going to set a goal of gaining a classification. After this year I have realized how little it matters.

My goals,

Perform to my ability in all Major Matches

Place top 10 in Open Nationals

Place top 5 in Production Nationals

Place top 20 in World Shoot (If I go)

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