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Cast VS. Jacket Bullets in Mag & Super Mag Loads


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As I get ready to load 250-300grain offerings at 12-1300fps I'm curious what sways handgunners to use premium lead/GC's bullets (Cast Performance for example)instead of a premium jacketed version from say Sierra or Hornady. It seems price is pretty comparable. Is accuracy better with the lead? How about fouling and/or barrel break-in. Never loaded anything but jacketed bullets before and wondering the differences.

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the biggest difference will be velocity. you can push a jacketed bullet faster than a lead bullet of the same weight. a lead bullet at high velocity will foul the rifling faster than the jacketed bullet. you also must consider problems with a jacketed bullet called jacket seperation. be sure you check the max velocity rating for the bullet you choose. gas checks on lead bullets will allow you to get higher veocities out of them by protecting the base of the bullet and cutting down on lead fouling. i like to use bonded core jacketed bullets whenever i can to prevent jacket seperation. always load within the safe range as dictated by your loading manual or bullet manufacture recommendation. i use barnes XPB bullets in my S&W 500 revolver, the bullet is solid copper and with a 325gr. barnes XPB and 44gr of h-110 i can safely reach velocities of 1795 f.p.s. use a good copper or lead solvent to keep the barrel clean and prevent any major fouling problems. i hope this helps you in coming up with a load. for your 445 supermag you may want to try the nosler 44 cal. 250gr partition handgun bullet part #44250, i use them in my 444 marlin BFR revolver and get excellent results.

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