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Classification percentages


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Just sitting around and thought I would ask if anyone knew how the ranges for the differenct classifications in our game came about.

Why is "C" class 40-59.9? Why is "B" 60-74.9...and so on.

Just curious....

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In the UK we use different percentage ranges and these were determined by analysing the annual average results over a number of years. The last time we modified the percentages was around 1990.

We tried to create a reasonable spread of competitors in each grade i.e fairly even numbers.

We are currently thinking we may have to review them. Originally the UKPSA was dominated by HG shooters and the percentages, and therefore the grades were established around them. The shotgunners had to live with it because we didn't want 2 systems. But now of course we've lost handguns! :(

With shotgun you will find that the overall range of results is different to HG with more higher percentages and very little at the low end of the scale particularly compared to HG. The UKPSA is becoming a little top heavy with A grade shooters and B grade is light. Therefore there may be a change. The current UKPSA grades are:

M - 92% +

A - 75.00% - 91.99%

B - 65.00% - 74.99%

C - 55.00% - 64.99%

D - 00.00% - 54.99%

O - No grade yet

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Thanks, neil. Your layout shows what prompted my question. For the lower percentages/classif, the spread is consistent...that 9 point range. USPSA has a larger range in its lower claases, and a tighter set in the upper. So for a beginning shooter who has a bad classification shoot, it seems his/her percentage can take a greater hit than one at the upper end.

Makes sense as well....you should master a lot of things before you move.

Just trying to understand what logicv - if any - was used in the determinations!

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