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shellplate for a 1050

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i have my machine set up for 40sw right now but i have to switch it to a 9mm to shoot open..a fellow shooter came up to me and told me that i could use the 40 shell plate for a 9mm..i tried it out and it is kinda possible (not sure)..im just wondering if anybody else played around with this before i tear up the entire 1050 again .( and you know its a lot of work to change calibers on this press) <_< ...t

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Hmm.. I couldn't even get 38 Supercomp to work with a 38 Super shellplate out of the box. I did half-solve the problem by putting a ring of coathanger wire around the outside of the shellplate, but that was a short-term fix until I could get a .223 shellplate.

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