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Carry holsters for ladies

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My wife loves her dropped and offest holsters for competition with full size service pistols for competition, but those rigs don't conceal very well. Her concealment belt holster digs her in the ribs when she sits or rides in the car and she complains about it when she comes back from the bathroom.

I was curious whether anyone or their wife or girlfriend uses a shoulder holster. The next question would be vertical or horizontal.

Any comments or stories would be appriciated

FWIW the "carry" gun in question is a SIG 239.

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The little P-239 should be a snap to conceal--your lady must be small. But then so am I. I've gone with a molded cross-draw Comptac holster for my P-229... which is larger than the P-239 (which I wish I still had). But I'm really tiny in the body dept and the x-draw took the pressure off a totally vertical, strong-side holster placement (which didn't work AT ALL for me) and gave me some flexibility about where to carry and how much I could potentially move it around as I changed positions (seated in car vs. standing, whatever). The only thing that kept me from deploying a shoulder rig was the cost.

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Something that rides forward of the strong side hip with just a bit of muzzle-forward cant would probably work nicely too.

There are several holster makers that do at least one carry holster specifically for women. It might be worth a look to check them out and see what sort of solutions are available.

Here are few examples:

From Matt del Fatti http://www.delfatti.com/webdoc8.html

Bulman Gun Leather Model TJS http://www.bulmangunleather.com/beltholster.html

The Ladies' line of holsters from C Rusty Sherrick http://www.c-rusty.com/pages/holsters/Ladies.html

From FIST holsters http://www.fist-inc.com/holsters/holster/CATLADYS.htm

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I guess I will look for a more comfortable strong side holster, instead of going to a shoulder one.

You might want to give a look at Mitch Rosen's NSP (Nancy SPecial): it's a belt holster specifically designed for women.

Otherwise, you might want to give Galco's Concealed Carry Pad Holster a look: it's an adjustable (for cant) holster that would also allow fast and easy switch to cross-draw for when you are in an automobile.

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Don't forget, Eric: ladies have protrusions to help with concealment. ;) Right, SL? :D

Unless those protrusions extend rearward, it will make it hard to conceal the muzzle bulge. ;) Now if said bulges simply distract the casual observer from the issue at hand...well so much the better. :D

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