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12g 1oz vs 1 1/8+ oz loads: Noticeable difference?

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Went to Wal-Mart to buy some shells after another shooter told me the Remington shells were available for under $3 per box.

I bought a 1000 of the shells to use in '05. They are 1oz, #8's @ 1290fps.

I guess the normal load is 1 1/8 oz. For 3G shooting is there a noticeable difference in performance in that 1/8 oz?

I was thinking of picking an additional 4-6 boxes of 12 gauge with a payload of 1 1/8 oz+ to use in any major match that I might go to. But if there is no noticeable difference I'd just stick with the 1oz.

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Some of the cheep Rem shells are packaged in boxes of 20. They look like a great deal if you don't realize you are getting 20% fewer shells.

Pattern the shells at the distances you will be shooting. It's the only way to know what you have.

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Made me look. :D

The boxes are for 25 shells.

I had a WTF? moment buying these shells from Wal-Mart. I live in Los Angeles City. I went to a Wal-mart that wasn't under the yoke of the LA City Council.

The shells were right there on the shelves where anybody can get at them. I was like WTF!

I've been living in LA too long. If you can find a gunstore here in LA, you will find the ammo behind the counter out of reach.

Anyways I can pattern them against a 1 1/8 load... but what I'm I looking for?

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For IPSC and USPSA the minimum PF for shotgun is 520.

For testing/calibration of Poppers and plates the test cartridge specification is as below:

Test Cartridge Specification:

For Birdshot Stages

Birdshot – no. 7 or 7 ½ or local equivalent.

Power factor – 520 or less

(e.g. A cartridge of 28gr (1 ounce) shot weight at 1180 fps)

From this you can see that you should be OK with the cartridges you have bought.

Personally I would always shoot a slightly heavier load because I believe it gives an advantage.

My cartridge of choice is: 32 grammes (1 1/8 ounce) No. 5 at 1375 fps. The velocity is the manufacturer's quoted figure. In reality I've found that a lot of SG ammo seems to chrono lower than the manufacturer's claims.

I find the heavier shot offers me a target solution at greater distances which can be a tactical advantage in a competition and up close the targets are always slamming down.

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I shoot a lot of Sporting Clays. I use those Walmart Winchester 1 oz 1290 fps loads for Sporting Clays. They are fast and have some recoil. They are popular as practice shells for high volume clays shooters.

I have probably shot 10 flats of those shells with no malfunctions or issues.

I have no comment on their use on steel but they will break clay targets reliably out to 40 yards!

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