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Major loads in .45 ACP, 155 gr bullets?


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I've got a box of 500 155 gr LWSCs in .45, so I'd like to come up with a load that reliably makes major from my Para-Ordnance P14-45--ideally with a powder that I have already (N340, Win 231, and TiteGroup).

The VihtsVouri load data that I have (dated 2/00) says that 7.7 gr of N340 will yield 1145 fps, up to a max load of 8.3 gr for 1227 fps. So, I loaded a few rounds with 7.7, a few with 7.9, and a few with 8.1 grains and headed out to the range this morning with the chrono. Not happy with the results.

Based on the book, the 7.7 gr load should easily make major, with a PF of 176. Average velocity for those loads out of my Para was only 914 fps, for a PF of only 141. The 8.1 gr loads were better, but not by much--they only averaged 982 fps. Interestingly, those same loads out of an Argentine Sistema Colt averaged 1064 fps--still not quite fast enough, but quite a bit closer.

Now, I read in the VV material that their test gun has a 6" barrel, while mine is 5"--I expect that accounts for much of the difference. I'm less sure about the difference between my two .45s, which seems fairly significant. In any case, though, I'd like to come up with something I can use in the Para to make major.

I'll definitely try 8.3 gr of N340 (the max according to VV's data), but I'm not too optimistic about it after this morning's results. The Lee loading manual lists a load of up to 6.2 gr of TiteGroup for 1132 fps which I'll also try. I can't find any data for 231 for these bullets; is any available? Thanks for any suggestions!

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