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He-Man Scout Squad


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I'm thinking of buying a Springfield Scout Squad for He-man/heavy metal division. My question is: which forward mounted optic? I'm looking for a non-electronic solution which represents a decent compromise for short and long range. Price is an issue (which is why I'm ruling out electronics). A Burris 2X-7X handgun scope seems appealing but, since I don't know my butt from a hole in the ground about this sort of thing, I'd be interested to hear what the pros and cons of this setup would be. I'll appreciate any suggestions.

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I have a Scout/Squad and currently have a Propoint on it but test for Accuracy with a Burris 1 1/2 x 5 and have considered using it and will play with it during the winter months.

Our range does not have anything past 2oo yds or so so really the dot is the way to go but it was kind of tough hitting the 12 inch plates at 300 yds in Arkansas last month where the cross hairs would have been the cats a$$.

I would recomend the 1 1/2 x 5 before the 2x7 personally but it is what you get used to....

Good Luck

Oh yeah did I tell you I LOVE my Scout Squad?


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On the Burris Extended Eye Relief Pistol scope that I mentioned above it does not.

It does, as with all variable power scopes when you turn up the power have a smaller field of view but the only time I would turn it up would be for anything past 200 yds where Field of view is really a non Issue plus with the scope being a forward mount it is easy to keep track of the next target with the week eye.


Benny, Kurt, any comments or suggestions for A/M ?

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  • 2 months later...

I would like to bring this back to the top for more info on the rifle and sighting options.

I just ordered one and would like to use it for several disciplines. I like the idea of the pistol scope.

Is there more I need to know about this rifle? Is it ammo sensitive? should it need trigger work? anything else would be appreciated.


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Enjoy that iron sights at 300 on smallish targets while you can boys and girls, I remember those days of perfect eyesight...then I continued to breathe, which of course I am thankful for...but now I gotta have a scope or that target has to be big.

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Mine is not very ammo sensitive, Ok I have yet to go soft enough to make it not cycle and have tried several sub Major loads (really soft)....

It has cycled loads that my M1A National match won't cycle... 110 grn with 40 grns 2520 Acurate arms, man they are like shooting a 30/30 auto :)

Have not had time to play with mine too much this winter but will be toying around with it after the Florida Open getting ready for Alabama Tactical.

And RS is correct if you go Heavy metal/ He Man the scope is a NO NO.

I shoot mine in Tactical Division in USPSA and no one cares at a Tactical (mgm) match if not shooting Heavy Metal.

Hope that helps, Next we need to find GOOD RELIABLE 30 round Mags, they are not needed all the time but sometimes they are Mandantory !!!


Sorry Bruce, I feel for you man without my specs I could not see past the peep myself. :angry:

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I picked up a M1A loaded yesterday that came out of Pawn at my friendly local Pawn and gun. It will be the HM rifle this year. I traded off my DPMS 308 due to magazine issues.

I intend to mount my Simmons 1.4-4 Prodiamond on it. I read somewhere on the forum that that Benny fellow ran one. That's good enough for me. I don't know if that will work on your forward mounted rail.

30 rd mags-I read a thread on the M14 forum where a guy welded and polished two twentys together and has a functional 36 rd mag. This is a nogo for HM but will work for Tactical. We are about to tackle this here. More to follow.

I have been shooting Port surplus with great success at ~$140/K.


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