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The Early Days of IPSC

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On ‎11‎/‎11‎/‎2004 at 1:03 PM, tightloop said:


What a great post...brings back great memories...of the 80 Natls, shooting in the same squad with Bill Wilson, talking between stages with John Shaw, meeting Ross Seyfried and his then wife Judy...pictures with Jeff Cooper and Ray Chapman....watching Raul walters shoot the mover, seeing Tommy Campbell with his sternum holster, Mickey Fowler and Mike Dalton....getting my hat handed to me by Heidi Lippmeyer (15yrs old and a girl)...all good stuff..

Thanks for the memories. ;)

Wow you brought up a name from my past also I started my shooting in Colorado at the Aurora Sportman club a couple of years after I started a man called Ross Seyfried started shooting, he was good right off the bat, I later learned that he was a close friend of Elmer Keith.  Ross and I had fun and I cherish the very few times I was able to beat him

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OK, a bit of updating. I haven't shot in a match-match in a while, who has time to practice? But it seems at every gun company PR event, or gun writer get-together, someone in charge has the same "Hey, kids, let's put on a  show" thought. Let's have a shooting contest. When I started going to these things, I thought "OK, this could be interesting." Then I found out that most gun writers then (and now) can't shoot.


Oh, hunters can hunt, and they can hit what they shoot at, but think about it: there's not much time pressure. They can stalk and get into a solid position, and take the shot they need. Any hit that pokes a hole through a basketball-sized sphere gets the job done. Put a timer on them, or an audience behind them, and for a lot of them it is meltdown time.


After a while, the "Let's have a contest" produces a sea of faces turned towards me.


I loved the prizes, but it got old.


At the last one I did, the contest was break a single clay bird on the hill at 75 yards or so, with a handgun. Me, I was busy with other things. Well, when my boss's boss's boss reminds me, for the third time "We have a shooting match going on at the other end of the range" I figured I can't avoid it. The pistol is a polymer-framed striker-fired 9mm with a suppressor on it. No-one has hit anything but the backstop. Soon after, the company receptionist hits the clay bird. Then I do. (Hey, I may have to be roped into it, but I'm not going to throw a match.)


She and I go back and forth until I hit and she doesn't. Was it luck? Yes. Were there congratulations? Not really. next time, i'm going to break a leg if I have to, walking to the range where the match is.


Except The Pin Shoot, of course, which is back on, and I have been to, twice.

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