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If I had to guess.... this email is actually the virus... kind of like chain-mail spam, they come out about once a year. As soon as I see "Send it to everyone..."

Generall rule of thumb - if there's an attachment, that's runable, never run it...

I don't personally know any programs that can run on both Macintosh's & Windows tha could do this.. I suppose a Java application could, but not everyone even has a JVM to run it..

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This particular warning is at least 3 years old. I recieved it many times, and still have the guts to say "Jesus"!

Most email virus's are contained in an attatchment, but there is a self replicating virus being circulated recently that is actually contained in the body of the message. My e-mail server has picked up at least 30 that were sent to me in the last 2 weeks. The subject lines contain the text "RE: Thank You", "RE: Hello", "RE: Hi", or just plain old "RE:"

I recieve 1 to 3 a day from a trusted member of this board, but he has scanned his machine for virus's, and it is clean. So the e-mail adress CAN be forged.

So use caution opening ANY e-mail that doesn't look right.

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"this email is actually the virus..."
That was my first thought...

Generally, that's my opinion on these, as well. (At least this one doesn't try to get you to manually delete system files like some others have tried in the past.) They're not hoaxes, they are viruses and should be treated as such. They don't run on the windows platform or the Mac platform or the Linux platform, they're not that specialized. They instead insidiously run on the human platform, meaning you: the end user that reads the email and obligingly does what it tells you to do.

Think about it: some bastard out there who can't even SPELL compiler writes up a cleverly-worded text email telling you about some threat you may already have on your system, that none of the major antivirus vendors out has a fix for this alleged problem, but that you can make everything well again in your own world by going out and just deleting a few files, oh and of course please pass this on to everyone you know. So we're all happily whacking our own systems while this guy sits back and laughs his ass off.

People who do this, in my opinion, are computer terrorists (I don't sugarcoat it with the general term "hacker", which at one time used to describe a serious hobbyist) just the same as those who actually write destructive self-replicating code and should be treated the same in the courts.

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