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About Ballistic Tools

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Hi everyone and welcome to the Ballistic Tools vendor forum.

Ballistic Tools is more than just a web store, it is a resource for reloaders and shooters. We provide unique tools, articles, and more. Below is a list of some of our signature products and features:

  • The Swage Gage: A Ballistic Tools exclusive and one of our most popular items, a go and no-go gauge for your primer pockets. Lets you easily check that a military crimp is fully removed, that the pocket depth is correct, and that the pocket isn't too loose, all in one quick step. Small pistol and rifle version currently available, large primer version coming soon.
  • Fully reprocessed 5.56 and 300 Blackout: Primed or unprimed, fully reprocessed and ready to load. Buying primed brass is a good way to save on Hazmat fees. All our 300 Blackout is annealed, and all our brass goes through a rigorous process to ensure a quality product.
  • Dillon replacement parts and bearing kits: Dillon trimmer cutter blades, die lock nuts, and bearing kits, all at better prices than you'll get from Dillon or elsewhere on the Internet.
  • Royal Case and Die Lube: This is the best sizing lube I've ever used. We use it for all our bulk brass reprocessing. No drying time, no stuck cases, no sticky cases that pick up every bit of dirt and scratch your dies. I just dump the cases in a ziplock bag, spray a little of this in, and shake. The cases come out nearly dry and size with almost no effort. Smells good too.
  • Projectiles: We've got 55gr Hornady 223 projectiles in stock, at competitive prices, as well as a selection of Montana Gold at less-than-case quantities.
  • Articles: Check out our articles regarding Dillon equipment and reloading.

We are always working on new products and features. In addition to the large primer pocket gauge, we have a several more unique tools in the pipeline for the next 6 months.

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