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Do deer, elk, ducks, and geese really care if you're wearing a Mossy Oak® White Trash jock strap? Or, could it be that the thought of seeing my white, hairy butt sticking out of said jockstrap makes them suicidal and thus easier to bag? Can they really tell that my tan or black floating shotgun case is an alien object and signal the troops to skedaddle? I went shopping for a $20 gun case and it was like "Queer Eye for the NRA Member." Do people actually go hunting anymore, or do they just put on $743 of branded marketing crap and head for the fashion show?

From what I'm seeing, apparently it's the latter.

I can understand a camo jacket. The need for pants is a little mysterious unless you're bow hunting. The camo bedspread and fuzzy toilet seat cover defy human comprehension.

The irony in all this is that I spent the last two summers paddling up well within gun range to every kind of wildlife imaginable in a red canoe while wearing a yellow lifejacket.


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OK, here I am looking at Cabelas' latest catalog. In the (I sh*t you not) camoflage home furnishings section, one can find:

Camo bedding sets in not one, but your choice of SIX distinct patterns

A camo crib set

Camo shower curtains

A camo cordless phone

A camo duffle bags (as if lost luggage wasn't enough of a problem)

Camo waders (so the bass won't alert the ducks?)

A camo sleeping bag (so your gay tentmate can't find you?)

A gazillion camo flashlights (isn't it usually DARK when we're using a flashlight?)


What's it to me if some schmuck wears camo lipgloss? Nothin. But now, there's stuff I simply can't buy in normal, human colors. That sucks.

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There must be some defect in the gene pool that drives people to wear Mossy Oak in an urban environment.

The real goofy thing is that most of the big game states require hunters to wear blaze orange in the field. I have successfully taken deer over the years while wearing jeans and a brown canvas coat AND 144 square inches of blaze orange.

In Saskatchewan all big game hunters must wear a complete outer suit of scarlet, bright yellow or hunter orange. Animals rely on scent and hearing much more than sight and the sight component is movement, not shape or color. Deer (and hunters in general) rarely look UP, that’s why the bow hunters are always in a tall tree and are exempt from the blaze orange regulation in most states.


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you guys forgot about the camo trucks!  i have enough trouble finding my red truck at the mall.

I hear ya.

I've still got a rental car I can't find in Mall Of America, which I parked there on my last visit in Y2K (I suspect I accidentally parked it in Wisconsin). :wacko:

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"The camo bedspread and fuzzy toilet seat cover defy human comprehension."
Product photos, PLEEZ!!! :lol:

A camo crib set??!! Oh yeh, start 'em early! Or: Baby getting annoying? Just pop 'em into the camo crib set and watch 'em disappear. Outa sight, outa mind.

Camo shower curtains...? LOL!! "Nope, no one in the shower. That's just the water running for the hell of it."

Camo cordless phone...?! Criminy, I hear more people bitch about "...can't find my cell phone!!..." as it is. (kinda like the red truck in the parking lot).

Camo sleeping bag??!! Good way to get stepped on.

This is insane.... :wacko:

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The Eugene Farmers Coop closed some years ago (I helped create their Website... but then watched them fold up)... I'm not certain they're having any sales at the moment...... unless you're referring to the graphics on display in the Dealers Forum or on my Website.... Hmm, maybe that's it. Duh. :rolleyes:

Unless the honorable Geezerlock is talking about something ENTIRELY different....

at an entirely different place... and time... :ph34r:

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Unless the honorable Geezerlock is talking about something ENTIRELY different....

at an entirely different place... and time...

Nothing mysterious here. I just noticed the graphic and the complete absence of camouflage apparel. If you have visited a Bass Pro or Gander Mountain store recently there are acres of Mossy Oak available. I was shopping recently for a new pair of rubber boots and everything I looked at was some variant of the Mossy Oak style. What’s wrong with black for crying out loud?


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I have super 8 movies of deer hunts in the 50's and 60's that my Dad participated in. They would have 10-12 bucks hanging btwn two trees and one of the most notable items is the total lack of camo. Most folks are wearing a flannel shirt (usually red plaid) and jeans or khaki work pants. And most were wearing, as geezer-lock was lamenting about the lack of, black rubber boots.

I have one old BDU shirt that I like to wear, but it's because it has pockets everywhere. :D

Just a fad that cost alot of hunters alot of money.



Geezer-lock- if you want black rubber boots go to an industrial safety store. They usually have them.


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