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Where are the targets?

Ron Ankeny

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I about wet my pants when my friend Sam had this run at the Colorado State Match. The file is a windows media file. I apologize for the quality, but you will get the point.

Where are the targets?

The course designers put an activator plate down that last hallway right where a person would be looking the magazine into the well. I can only imagine what Sam was thinking when it got to the end and the moving targets were still hidden behind the hardcover and no-shoots. He immediately went back to the activator plate, tripped the movers, then threw himself into roll over prone and blasted away. The entire squad cheered and applauded. Great save.

When the RO announced the bucket load of penalties, we all wanted to gut him and wrap him around a sage bush (the RO that is). Yeah, the walls extend to the ground. Bummer.

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