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Yesterday evening I was working on the grip of my gun (no not training, surface finishing... <_< ), because the Scott's grip of my Lightsaber is some 5 years old and needed a workout.

I had just finished stripping it from the grit, re-shaping, putting on EricW's Grip Tape, and upon admiring the perfect fit to the grip (Eric, it's truly a great product, compliments) I was thinking: "It's done, it's finished, it looks (and works) great, I'm done!"

Then, suddenly, I happened to realize that I wasn't done, that the tape doesn't last forever, that it will need to be replaced in the future, that this work is never really ended, it is just ongoing.

Guess what? I started to remeber what THE BOOK says about learning, experiencing, and the fact that this process should never stop if you really want to be unlimited, and started comparing this advice with what I had just done.

The wish of settling, upon finishing any hard work, is just human: you think you worked hard, and now you want to harvest what you seeded, you want to get results from your work.

But this resting, to see the results of your hard work, is going to be your biggest self-created cage: you start contemplating your work, you think you did your best, and you want to do it repeatedly. You don't want to work hard any more, you've already done it!

You are actually flying to what you decided the ceiling shall be, and thus limiting yourself.

I know, it takes a strong will and a good healty dose of perseverance to keep progressing and setting new goals, but it is the only way, otherwise "you'll be stuck there when others will pass you".

And being able to see when you are "wishing to settle down", when you are actually contemplating the idea of having reached a goal, is the first step to see the cage being formed.

At least this is what I realized at 11:30 pm before deciding to lower my own "flight" ceiling to the bed's height... :lol:

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"you'll be stuck there when others will pass you".

Life is a dynamic thing. If you aren't getting better you are getting worse. There is no such thing as staying the same. When you aren't practicing the other guy is. Someday you will meet him and if you aren't prepared he will crush you in competition in front of all your friends and laugh in your face.

And being able to see when you are "wishing to settle down"

I wish to settle down now. It's 3am ... I'm sleepy.

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Luca, another nice post. Kinda timely too.

My girlfriend noticed the other day, while listening to phone messages, that people want to guess what you are doing....

Beep..."Just calling to say blah,blah,blah...you must be out having dinner...I'll try to catch you later."

It seems like it might be human nature to want to draw a conclusion. To have an answer to every question.

I am not even sure that the answer has to have merit or logic. Often, stability seems to be enough ("it's the way things are supposed to be").

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