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1st non local match dq disaster


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I don't see what all the fuss is about. He showed up, to a USPSA match and broke a rule that would have DQed him in IDPA and most all the 3Gun matches I have been to.

3 gun anyway, not that it is important. As best I can tell (from talking with 5 s.o.'s, or 6 if I include me, one guy had to take the on line test twice though so maybe call it 5 1/2) IDPA would get you a 3 second ouch unless you also muzzled yourself (holstered) or broke the 180 etc.

Not important, nobody is fussing I don't think.

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Please, don't apologise to me. I was just kidding around.

ktm300 - will that primary internal safety keep the modified Glock from going off when a couple of pounds of pressure are applied to the trigger? Will the manual safety on the 1911? Will the grip safety on the 1911? There is definitely some contradiction in the rules in this case.

Yet again I say, I'm not saying if it's right or wrong. But, I see where the OP is coming from.

A couple of things come to mind -- Glocks have firing pin stops, unless someone was dumb enough to remove one.....

1911s typically don't -- there's not many people running Series 80 guns.....

A Glock requires the trigger to be pulled, to fully compress the striker spring -- yup there's ways around that, but you probably end up with a gun that Chronoman/RM could declare unsafe.....

On the whole, having owned both, I'm more comfortable dropping a loaded stock Glock, than I am dropping a loaded 1911 that's cocked and unlocked. I'm not advocating dropping either -- but if I had to choose the lesser of two evils.....

USPSA shooters have a tendency to want to push everything right up to the edge of the rule. That's not a bad trait in competitive folks. On the other hand, everyone at the match has a vested interest in people leaving the match with the same number of orifices they arrived with. So there's not likely to be any wiggle room on safety rules. We want to disqualify competitors for breaking a single rule, while maintaining a system that requires breaking multiple rules in order for someone to get hurt....

Anything else is insanity.....

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