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Sad news about Floyd Wine


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I'm very sorry to say that I received the sad news about Floyd this weekend (from Chery Current).

Floyd died suddenly Thursday night...Can you put up an announcement somewhere for all of his old friends? They can get in touch with me if they want to send cards... He taught me how to shoot the rifle..

I will miss him!!




And then today I received this from Kip Leatham:

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news ... Floyd Wine passed away last Thursday night at his home. Most of us probably remember Floyd as one of the major influences of the Coors/Springfield Armory Challenge in Durango, Colorado. Boy, that was a great match! Floyd and Carol (and their dogs) lived in Durango for many years. Floyd was also a darn good gunsmith. They had recently moved to Columbia, Missouri where Floyd went to work for Midway. Cheryl Current told me that Floyd was just getting back into both IPSC and 3-gun shooting. He will undoubtedly be missed by all who knew him. Floyd was "good people". He was kind, fun and had a good heart.

If you wish to send condolences to Carol, here's her address:

Carol Wine

4525 North Boothe Lane

Rocheport, MO


Donations in Floyd's name can be made to the Durango Gun Club:


P.O. 75

Durango, CO 81301

Please pass this info on to anyone who knew Floyd.


Rob & Kip Leatham

Floyd was truly an awesome guy, and his wife Carol appeared to be his perfect match. I always looked forward to his match, and one of the main reasons was just that I knew I'd see him. And we'd have a few beers together afterwards. And besides being a true, salt-of-the-earth guy, he was a hell of a shooter as well. He gave me one of my first "shootin' lessons." Probably in the very early '80s, a friend and I drove to Albuquerque for a pin match, and although they hardly new me at the time, Rod and Cheryl Current were kind enough to put me and my buddy up at their house. Then, after Floyd handed me my ass at the pin match, as I was driving home, I wondered if maybe Rod and Cheryl got a cut of Floyd's winnings!

:o It would have been the perfect setup - I thought I was pretty hot stuff at the time - didn't think no local boys could show me much about shootin'. I can still remember it like yesterday - I thanked Floyd for the shooting lesson as I was congratulating him on his victory. I drove back to AZ with my prize - an under the sink water purifier, and promptly installed upon my return. And although I didn't go home with the big prize - who can put a price on the value of drinking purified water every day?

Thank you Floyd!


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I found out about Floyds passing that night. My buddy Sean called me. I grew up in Durango and have known Floyd all my life. He was the driving force behind my shooting as well as me going to Gunsmithing School. When I started shooting IPSC he was the man to beat, So I spent most of my time chasing him. I Helped him set up the COORS Challenge in Durango many years ago, Yes it was a great match. I struggled with posting this on the web sight. Not knowing what to say or how to announce it. I guess I didn't want it to be my first topic. ( Thanks Brian). He will be missed. :(



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passing on some information...This was posted on our section's email list


Normally I wouldn't use this list for anything not related to eastern Colorado Events, but I felt that there might be people here who would take an interest in this. Flyod was a resident of Durango for many of his years, a Master class IPSC shooter when that was as high as you could acheive and the local gunsmith. There are many items that he left to his wife Carol (also a top lady shooter in Colorado) that are for sale at this auction from wepons to gunsmithing tools. If you are interested, the details will follow:

Dear Friends,

As most of you already know, Floyd Wine passed away in November. It was very unexpected. Carol is doing the best she can, though she has good days and bad, as you would expect. She is having an auction on March 14th. To follow is the web site and most of the information regarding the event. Please help by forwarding this message to all fellow shooters and gun nuts! Carol is very appreciative ...

Many Sincere Thanks,

Kip & Rob Leatham

Auction Company's Web site:


Gun Auction

The Estate Of Floyd Wine – 30 Yr. Professional Gunsmith & Competitive Shooter

Monday, March 14, 2005 @ 10:00 A.M.

4525 Boothe Lane, Midway Area

Directions: West Of Columbia, MO To Midway Exit #121. Take Hwy. 40 West Approximately 3 Miles To Rt. J, Right On Rt. J, 1 Mile To Walnut Grove, Right To Boothe Lane, Left On Boothe Lane To Auction. (Watch For Signs!)

Note: All State And Federal Firearms Laws Will Be Observed. Dealers Bring A Copy Of Your FFL’s. If Purchasing A Handgun, Bring A Permit From Your Local Sheriffs Office. (Terms: Cash, Or Good Check W/ Proper I.D., MasterCard & Visa Accepted.

Out Of State Checks Must Be Accompanied With A Bank Letter Of Credit Or Be Pre-Approved By Auction Company) Preview Will Be Auction Day Only, As Guns Are In Storage. For Photo’s Go To www.atterberryauction.com.

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