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I'm excited. I got it and drove like a bat out of hell to the local range annnnnnd the closed in 20 min after I got there. So I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow or Monday morning to be able to shoot. I can't wait! Just wish I could chrono.... grrrr I think I'm going to get a box of ammo for my rifle and go to the range that let me chrono but the pistol range is closed. I think if I set up for rifle I could just pop off my pistol a few times w/o issue's. I hope.

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Awesome. I think the 2 holes will be an improvement.

In my news I snapped a slide stop maybe 8 weeks back (went to henning pin), then broke an extractor 2 weeks ago.

So I did a big order from Eric. New spare slide stop and extractor, springs for everything. Pins. Even spare sears. Btw the long sear vs regular sear? It's the blade that's longer. Otherwise they are the same.

I finally shot my shadow after a while in the safe. Got the new scales grips on if and I LOVE them. Best cz grips ever!!

To date I had bought:

Cz checkered thin

Cz checkered medium

Ebay plastic checkered

Factory rubber

DAA thick

Lemon graters


And I kept falling back to the ugly rubber as the most functional. The DAA thick were close but not quite there for me.

The ssi scales are curvy in the right spots. Grippy and comfortable. I really hope they make magwell length tanfo grips soon! :)

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I just got one from Eric Grauffel's shop online (for 38 super though). same problem. snapped the extractor in my 2010 eric custom.

if you're in the US I'd suggest try henning, or maybe Last Round Armament or even EAA. If you're somewhere else then buy direct from Eric G. Best part is you get to talk to the man himself!! :)

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Link to my WTB add in classified section. Any help would be great.

MODS hope this is acceptable. Not looking to skate rules. 26 followers of this page vs the 16 views on my add. Ppl not looking to buy may see the link here. if this is acceptable perhaps this would be a good formula to follow until decision on this page is made.

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Finally got a chance to shoot the new gun AND run a chrono. Had to use a LED light set up but it worked pretty well. Not perfect but that's ok. Gun is great and shoots even softer/flatter then before. I'm very pleased with the poppet holes.

All loads are for info only. Use at your risk. Ect.ect.ect.

All loads use: Starline 38SC brass CCI #400 SRP 115g xtreme thick plate hollow point.

Still love 10.5g 3n38 under a 115g TPHP. It runs a 178PF 10g only runs a 155PF

I also shot 8.5g long shot with the 115g avg a 175PF.

8.2g CFE pistol under 115g avg 167pf. I may go up to 8.5 and see how that runs.

AA#7 11.5g under a 115 avg 183PF. May take that down a notch. Still nice to shoot.

HS-7 10.5g under a 115g avg 162pf great load. May go to 10.7-8g just to be sure I meet PF.

I can't say enough good about this gun. It seemed that the longshot would have some un-burned powder popping out the holes and landing on my arm. Only unpleasant thing I noticed.

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Which gun did you shoot OPEN

I guess I can post a few more pics. :-D

This is the new set up. Rich at Canyon creek did the barrel and comp. Recently got it back with the 2 poppet holes.




B4 holes


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I love my eqw hammer, sear, firing pin set up. I have that and the Henning trigger. Polished the trigger bar and installed the parts gave me a 2 1/2lb pull. It's light, glass rod crisp, and has a very nice positive reset. I really like this set up.

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Is there a preferred hammer for a SAO/Limited setup?

I also run the egw hammer and sear. It did need some massaging to fit but if you buy the sear and hammer from henning the sear comes prepped ready to go. If you buy it elsewhere or direct from egw you'll have to do a fair bit of work on the sear leg.

Mine mainly just needed some clearancing on the bottom of the hammer to clear the trigger bar.

Other option would be xtreme hammer and factory 1 piece sear (I'd go long sear) and stone/cut the sear face yourself. Just bear in mind if you go that way you need to keep an eye on it as the sear will wear.

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