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What I like: Got to meet another long time forum member, Jon Merricks. Jon and his family were/are here on vacation and he was able to sneak away and come shoot our montly match at Titusville.

What I hate: Is Jon coming down and kicking all of our asses. I wish I could say it was just southern hospitality....but......... Jon shot awesome and beat up on 1 -gm (yep me, I got spanked) and also 4 other master class shooters. So it was a strong field. Lets get that "B" up Jon okay?? :D

It was great to meet Jon and he was class act all the way. I'm pretty sure we showed him a good time. It was a beautiful day for shooting and Jon got to meet a lot of new shooters. I do have to say there were a few "sandbagger" remarks that were made in jest, but all was good.

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I met a guy here, and he dissappeared before I could find out who. Dude walks up, we're chatting in a group for a bit, and he shakes my hand "Nice to finally meet you DIRTYPOOL."

By the time my brain kicked in, he had vanished.

Benos is everywhere....even in Bolivia.

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Paul, It was great to meet you. Thanks for being such an awsome host. You really did too much. You and the guys and girls at Titusville put on a great match. It was some pretty fun ribbin going on. As far as my shooting, I think it was just dumb luck. It was my first match win though. I hope we can get together before Franks to do a little shoot'n.

P.S. Sorry it took so long to reply I just pulled in the driveway about an hour ago.

Come guys I keep on trying to tell everybody I just started shooting open the spring I'm still a newbie. :)

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i like to listen to paul w. tell me how much he would like to go huntin' with us up here in new york but he can't because of his job. i think the real truth is he is afraid of the cold weather and would never want to leave the cabin. paul, remember the first step to overcoming your fear is to look it in the face.

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