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my blaster is finally home


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Very slick.  I like the way he flat-topped the cone part of the comp but left the baffles round, I'm totally gonna steal that idea ;)

darn another idea stolen :lol::lol: ...Derek is very good at those small details.he really doesnt focus on cosmetics i just pushed him to do the extra pretty stuff on the gun he really focuses on reliabilty i was suppose to add a few more lines on the pockets of the serrations but he told me that the slide was light enough and advised me not to have them anymore because the slide might get too light and might affect reliability

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How are his trigger jobs? I'm in FL right now and I am in need.

i love the trigger jobs on all the guns he builds.. but the trigger job on this gun is the best 2# trigger i have ever felt...darn now if i could just learn how to shoot it <_<

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