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MS Office for Mac Question

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I'm trying to make Excel 2011 for Mac do what as far as I know ALL Excel versions for Windows do. I want to edit the data in an individual cell by hitting the F2 key. As it stands now it "cuts" the cell contents for pasting somewhere else. I've looked and looked on the MS and Apple support sites and I am finding nothing that works. The only thing that works is double clicking the cell and I hate to go to the mouse. I want to "arrow key to" the cell hit F2 and go. I don't have a problem setting up a keyboard shortcut for this if I can just find out how to do it, maybe I'm not finding the right command.

I'm running OSX 10.7.5 Lion. Will be upgrading when the new one hits in the fall. Any help greatly appreciated! :bow:

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CTRL+U gets it.

Yes that is the move. One of the many Excel shortcuts I live by.

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