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Glock 34 Follow Up shot is High

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Kyle, thanks for the links. I'll give the timing drill a workout this weekend. I do find myself relaxing my grip from time to time and sending off flyers.

I'm left handed, which I know is my biggest problem, so Im going to look closely at my right (weak) hand grip.

Ordered a 17# spring too. Ready for the weekend!

I don't think being left handed by itself has any bearing on this topic. None.

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The effects of timing are if I push lower than .12 seconds on the split it will be high if I hit the sweet spot .14 its about even and at .16 it is low, wait to .20 and it is even again. And all this is, is the natural recoil of the gun. If you can stop that you should be able to stop the tide coming in.

Practice cadence, pop...pop not popop. You can only shot as fast as you can see.

However, I think there is much more to be gained by working on movement skill than pulling the trigger faster.

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