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Extreme plated bullets for 40


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Just about any recipe for a plated or jacked 180 would work as a place to start. There are hundreds of thread already on this, just pick one. Just be sure to read and understand that there is more than one power with the big word CLAYS on the label, and they are different.

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I have hodgdon clay powder and extreme plated 180 grs bullets for a 40 cal

I'm trying to find some load data using these two Components together

Thanks for any advice you folks have

Welcome to the forum! Most plated bullet manufacturers say to use lead bullet data. It will probably wind up somewhere between lead and jacketed performance. And this is the powder that the others are talking about:


As for how much clays? Consult the load data at the Hodgdon website and search the 40S&W reloading forum here for some ideas of what others are using.

Good Luck,


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He is using CLAYS.

If you are already using the powder with jacketed bullets, (info from another forum) just back of several grains, and load some up. Try them, and increase the load slowly, while watching for pressure signs, until you get to where you need to be.

It will generally take less powder to get a plated bullet to the same FPS as a jacketed bullet... given that the OALs are adjusted to account for different bullet lengths.

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There's like 9817340970932179874134 posts on this forum about 180 gr 40 bullets and clays.

I use 3.1gr at a normal OAL (1.13?) and get 132 pf out of a cz 75b.

Now if you need to make major, that's a different story. I personally would use a different powder.

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