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Just saying Hi. I'm an old rifle guy for years, fairly hardcore reloader (enough so that I bought me a copy of quickload, and know what to do with it), but just recently got into handguns enough to reload for them. A friend of mine got me started doing practical pistol shooting (haven't done any competitions yet, but we setup courses more/less like the competiton ones), and so of course, to ease the pain of ammo, I took up reloading for the handguns (9mm's the lot of them). I found this forum while researching loading up some 9mm Major (which, if quickload is right, actually looks very do-able, well within SAMMI +P specs; with some very careful component selection).

Anyway, this seemd like a sane place for thinking reloaders, so I thought I'd join and maybe ask a few questions and chat a bit.


Brother Jack

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