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10 years learning


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What I like is that a little over 10yrs ago, I started reading and learning from this forum and the members. 10 years ago tomorrow, I joined.

During the last 10 years, I have enjoyed the sharing of information from many. I have made some friends here and I have enjoyed all that has been offered. The tips and tricks, discussion of rules, discussions relating to how to make the sport better, how to make the shooter better, how to make the experience better all were a part.

Humor is a big part also. Some on target, some a little off but all was and is good natured.

I like that there is a free and open discussion with rules that are evenly enforced by the forum administrators and moderators. Assembling a team like this is not easy.

One part I do not like is the loss of some members over the years. There were many people very active that I miss since they vanished. The collective knowledge of these people was huge and I thank you for what you shared. I will not name names in fear of missing some.

To the current members, a big thank you. Thank you to the newest member willing to ask a question or share some experience and thank you to the most senior members willing to to the same. Thank you to some of the most experienced members for sharing what they teach and what they have learned.

10 years of learning has made me a better shooter and from some of the other things shared, a better person. I have made friends here I may never meet in oerson and I have friends I talk to or shoot with on a regular basis. By definition, this is a true community.

To Brian, thank you for sharing this site and for assembling your friends and contacts to help me and others. I hope I have been able to give back at least a little bit of what I have gained.

(Edited for typing errors. Still typing one hand :angry2: )

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Of the 48,783 registered members - how many are active ?? Just for the heck of it, lets define "active" as posting 4.7 times a month. That is an average of once per week.

This and other forums I'm on seem to have a core membership and then lots of "lookers" but the vast number seem to sign up and then disappear.

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You're a big part of this forum, Gary. You helped me back in december. This is a great forum full of great people. As one of our members is fond of saying, " this forum is full of em...". +1 to Brian and to all.

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Thanks a lot for that thoughtful post Gary!

I've noticed, over the years, that you are definitely in the "hard-core valueable contributor" crowd. So, thank you!

We're all in this together...

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I don't post frequently because I feel that unless you really have something to add then no reason to run up post count just for sake of posting. I started reloading on a 650 April of 2012 and truly feel this is the forum to search and the search function saves many questions previously answered :) kudos to this forum!

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