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Solo 1250


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From what i can find on old burm rate charts this powder should be good for 9 minor. Just found a sealed 8 lb jug so figured I might as well try to use it up while VV seems to be impossible to get. Anybody with any older manuals laying around that could help with data for 124 fmj? Google search turned up surprisingly little. I could also use it for 230 fmj 45 if it would be better for that. Any help or insights from experience with this powder would be appreciated.

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I believe that it was always a shotgun powder and never had much published data.

Burn Rates I have seen in order (fast to slow):

Winchester WSF

IMR SR-4756

Scot Solo 1250

VihtaVuori 3N37

IMR 800X

I would consider it a source for 9mm Major, but not for Minor. Pretty slow and might not burn well.

That 8lbs might be very attractive for some one.

Solo 1000 is good for minor, though I prefer AA2.

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Burn rate charts are, of course, not terribly precise.

Empirically though, Solo 1000 is quite similar in application and general performance to N320, which would seem to suggest that Solo 1250 is not.

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