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Hey all, I'm trying to fund some upgrades to my XDM and per Dave Ramsey, I'm selling "what I got" to fund what I want. I've seen different opinions of paintball on the forums (some say its a blast, others say it teaches bad habits (violence, poor muzzle control, etc.), but at the end of the day, I'm wondering if anyone in the forums would like a well maintained, decently priced set of used paintball gear.

I have a Tippmann A5, several CO2 tanks, a CP 14" barrel, CO2 coil hose with a tank belt, MP5-like stock, a paintball backpack, etc. It's great stuff, but these days if I'm up on a Saturday morning, I'm playing USPSA not paintball.

If you have kids or anything into this, its a blast. I'll ship, if the price is right.

So, Forum, do you think there's any interest in this here or should I shut my trap?

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