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We now have a much more user friendly (and free) GuestMap:

New Brian's Forums Guestmap

Here's a screen snapshot of our first 320 member's locations.

Note for members who already posted your location on the "Old GuestMap":

Since any info you added to your Member Name will be lost with just the screen snapshot of the Old GuestMap, feel free to re-pin yourself to the New Guestmap.


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Sorry, and thanks. The settings for that were somewhat confusing. I just changed a setting - let me know if that fixed it.

Anywhere you click - it's supposed to automatically open a "place pin" window.

It may have only allowed me to place a pin cause I am the admin for the account.


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That's pretty cool. Can you add other icons? It would be cool to have a similar map set up for clubs and ranges or at least a specific icon for clubs on this map.

No, sorry, I couldn't do that with this system.


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