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You have to keep checking the site. I ordered 4k in March that were delivered in May. That said, I'd make sure you have a backup plan. I placed a backorder for Precision Delta today that I suspect will arrive in Sept.

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I just emailed the guy I got my bullets from. Here is what he said. Like I said, I got 6k of the 45's for $800 delivered. That's saved about $30 per 1k when you buy in bulk.

115gr. 9mm $140 per k delivered
124gr. 9mm $140 per k delivered
155gr. 40 cal $140 per delivered
230gr. .45 cal $160 per k delivered
All prices will drop based on quantity ordered
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Thanks Franco. I just now got 1000 230gr 45's for $123.62 (+shipping) off of powder valley, so I should be set for a little while. After $14 flat rate shipping, it won't be quite as cheap as your $0.133 per round, but still not bad.

Thanks for the help...I surely wasn't expecting Powder Valley to have them in stock any time soon! Sometimes its nice to get lucky...

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