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Potentially moving to Seattle, WA where are the USPSA Clubs?

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I'm flying to Seattle for an interview with Amazon next Monday. If all goes well I could be living there as early as August. I'd need to find a place to live, and for the first year or so I think I'd like to rent until I have a better idea as to where the good neighborhoods, shopping, etc is.

I'd like to know where the good USPSA clubs are in the area so that when I start looking for a place I can live somewhere without too far of a drive. I think I would be in the Amazon South Lake Union Campus if I get the job. Ideally I'd like to live 40-ish mins or less from the job and a range. So where are the ranges and what areas should I start looking in for places to rent?

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Welcome (potentially) to the Great NorthWET!

This link is your friend... http://northwestsection.org/

Six clubs within easy driving distance, matches every weekend...

:goof: Six clubs? Awesomesauce.

Can I become a member of these ranges so I have somewhere to shoot? Are they private or public ranges?

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