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SILVER CREEK CONSERVATION CLUB will host thier July USPSA match this Sunday July 14, 2013. Registration and squadding will be in the clubhouse. Squadding will be limited to 10 shooters per squad. I'll need R.O.'s. R.O.'s shoot for $5. Please post a reply if you are willing to R.O. a squad. We will score with practiscore and backup with paper scoresheets. Match fee is $20 for non members $15 for Silver Creek members. All of Saturday's setup crew will have thier match fee waived. Round count will be in the mid 160's. 5 freestyle stages and 1 classifier. I'll announce the classifier in a couple days.

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Found on the range, one pair of large tennis/cross trainer shoes, white, bigfoot size, left on the safe area table. Thanks to everyone for attending our match. The day was hot and humid, barely tolerable, thankfully patience and persistence prevailed. I'm grateful for my set up crew who did a great job, less the classifier no shoot target placement. As always, lessons learned and change applied next month.

Here's a link to match results:


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