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Hear Pro AMP 39 question


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kinda new to the multigun stuff and the electronic muffs I have now are horrible with the rifle and my cheek weld. I also am deploying to the desert latter in the year and figured an in ear electronic hearing protection might be good there and not interfere with my gear.

my questions is, they are pretty high priced, is there a better place to buy them and not have the full 4 digit price tag? is the AMP39 the cat's meow or is there a better/just as good one out there that I should consider? I kinda like the idea of the hear pro as they are a FL based company, so it wouldn't be that far from me and from what I understand they seem to support the sport pretty well.

thanks for the help

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I shoot for Hear-Pro, and yes, they are awesome plugs. And, yes, they can be had for less than 4 figures with one of the match specials and/or a discount code. Just gotta be patient for one of the specials.

Brad has a bit of insight on options for military use and what might be best suited to meet all your needs, but I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with the performance of the AMP39's for shooting 3-Gun, etc.

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They advertise that impulse protection limited to 85db. Gunshots are rated 140db+ I've yet to see a company with plugs at NRR above 33.

Unless you need to amp sounds while hunting, I think a pair of Insta-Mold from EAR Inc under $100 with NRR 32 is viable. The custom molded plugs are similar to Hear Pro.

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