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Best aftermarket slide for RMR

mike g35

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I recently switched from shooting a Glock to shooting a 2011in USPSA open division. However I still shoot GSSF and since I sold my open Glocks I'm looking to build a G17 upper for GSSF unlimited / "tactical" use. I'm gonna do the old red dot / iron sight cowitnessing deal on this slide. My question is which slide should I buy? ZEV? Lone Wolf? Or TSD? I've heard good and bad about all of them, I figured this might be the place to ask for a definitive answer. Which is best? Why?

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Hear bad things about ZEV?


we are on the side of the Angles. pure as the driven Sno........

Ok yeah whatever.

A ZEV 17 stainless slide $500 gets you

the signature cut of your choice

the optic cut of your choice

the coating of your choice

100% guarantee it will work with any OEM Glock frame

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On a similar note who makes a Glock 19 slide for an RMR? Does anyone make a Glock 26 slide adapted for a RMR? I'd like to put an RMR on a carry gun at some point in the future.

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