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Grip safety - pining it


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The easiest semi-permanent way to do it (if you have a welder ;)), that doesn't actually require drilling the frame and pinning it... is to put a bead of weld on the GS tab where it rests against the mainspring housing. You file fit it so that it's held down firmly as soon as you install the MSH.

To return to original, grind off the bead.

Another way, but effectively the same thing, is to drill and tap a hole - in lieu of a blob of weld, and fit a small set screw.

There are also ways to shove a piece of shock-buff in to jamb the GS... check the interweb for that one.


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Another way - although permanent - is to just cut the arm off the grip safety. That way, it looks stock, but cannot function. This is probably one of the most simple ways of doing away with the grip safety function.

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Drill the same as in the video then cut the drill in half so it sticks up out of the hole just past the to of the msh. Now just grind an angle on the drill to match the angle of the lowest portion of your grip safety as its depressed. Now you won't have to worry about lining anything up and it locks positively in place.

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