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Is this the correct 38 Super Crimp Die?


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Is the one on the left the Lee Factory Crimp die? Can't quite make out the markings on it. The one on the right looks like a Dillon die. I use the Dillon die for 38 super comp...only in 38 super and not 45 ACP as that one is marked! :)

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The one mounted in the press in the left picture is an old style dillon crimp die. Nothing wrong with it at all, they work fine. The one on the right from the dillon page is obviously a new style crimp die. No idea what year they changed style.

If for some reason you don't like the dillon crimp die I would suggest you try the lee factory crimp die. It works very well and is priced right.

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Is the one on the center, to the right of the Redding bullet seater die. That's what I thought, I may have an old style 38 Super/45 ACP crimp die.

Bamboo.....I'll check out the lee factory crimp die as well.

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